How to Change the Straps on Your Leather Lingerie

How to Change the Straps Leather Lingerie

Imagine you just got an invite to an all-leather lingerie party, and your best lingerie piece feels uncomfortable because it is either too loose or tight. How can I correct this and feel comfortable and sexy? Well, while the first solution would be to go for a shopping spree and get yourself a new one, there is an easy way to make your leather lingerie look all new and fresh: change your leather lingerie strap! 

Leather lingerie ranks as among the best choices to make you look confident and amazing. Not only is leather lingerie a superb investment, but it is also a great way to showcase your body, hence the importance of maintaining it.

It is an empowering, classic, and sensual asset designed to spruce up your confidence and sexiness. I have also seen leather lingerie as a reliable piece to stay warm, and even collaborate with various other clothes like dresses and jeans. 

If you want to change the leather lingerie straps on your pieces, I have compiled a list of simple but effective steps to help you achieve this. But first, let me show you why it is essential to change these leather lingerie straps. 

Importance of changing the straps on your Leather Lingerie

  • Inspire a new and fresh look: The commonest reason to change your leather lingerie straps is to inspire a new and fresh look. Ideally, leather straps come in different sizes ranging from brand. Some brands boast an extensive range of different size options, while others have unique designs and formations. It is important to ensure you constantly change your leather lingerie straps to maintain your piece’s overall appeal and durability.
  • Comfort: Another reason for leather lingerie straps changing, besides maintaining the uniqueness of the piece, is your comfort while wearing your leather lingerie. If you are like me, you have various favorite pieces. I have identified that the easiest and cheapest approach to help maintain my leather lingerie pieces’ uniqueness and ensure they always feel as sexy and comfy as I want them to look and feel is to change the straps regularly (usually once in six months) to fit and suit my style. 
  • Budget considerations: Finally, changing the lingerie straps helps me control my spending on lingerie and restrict my overall budget. How? Changing them means I don’t have to go shopping every time I want to adorn a sexy leather lingerie look. 

What Are the Steps to Change the Straps of Your Leather Lingerie? 

If this is your first time changing your lingerie straps, you need not worry. While I have found that this process can be quite disconcerting since, unlike hairdressing, where you have stylists working on you, this is all you. However, if you are an enthusiastic and hands-on DIYer, it is both a fun and worthwhile experience. Changing the straps of your leather lingerie pieces is quite easy and doesn’t mandate any unique tools. 

Here are the few steps I use to change my leather lingerie straps: 

Removing your Leather Lingerie Straps 

This is the first and most important step: strap removal. I usually do it by either completely removing the straps or undoing the strap buckles. However, you need to have a seam ripper and a pair of scissors to kickstart the process. The scissors are mainly for removing your straps and cutting off excess leather cording or lacing (leather cording/lacing secures the straps to the lingerie bands). On the other hand, the seam ripper is for removing the stitches and linking these straps together. 

The process starts with taking out the old lingerie straps from my corset or bra and putting in new ones. If the new straps are larger than what I have, I use the extra material to fix it until I get a better fit. The removal process, as aforementioned, can be done by undoing the straps from under the bra’s band or corset wasteland. For corsets, I recommend undoing one side of its laces individually and slipping off every strap at a time. For bras with removable straps, I remove the straps by sliding them off either side. 

Clean Your Leather Lingerie Strap and/or get new replacements.

After removing the straps, the next step is cleaning them up! This is a very simple process, as I only need a clean toothbrush or soft cloth to scrub away any stains and dirt. You should clean up all the stains using a damp cloth and then use a dry, clean cloth to dry them off. 

Alternatively, if you want different replacement straps, you must get some suitable and fitting straps. I usually choose between Velcro-based or elastic—although this is based on personal preference. 

Many brands offer both options, making the choice easier, especially since you can buy either option depending on style since one may blend well with certain lingerie styles that need Velcro. 

Replace your lingerie straps: 

Check to ensure your existing lingerie straps are attached properly. Why? You may need new replacements where yours are not properly attached. As aforementioned, there are two ways, and using sewing scissors is the easiest one. It is a quick and straightforward process, as all you need is to trim off excess material along your lingerie’s edges to ensure they don’t fray while installing the new straps. 

If there are some leftover pieces from your original straps, I would suggest using them to patch up holes in your leather straps where they may have broken or become loose. 

Alternatively, you can decide to replace your lingerie straps with Velcro tape rather than going the sewing way. However, when applying this tape, I always ensure it has ample space between the pieces so as not to hamper your movement when you wear it. After applying, peel off its backing and put it on your straps (after ensuring your straps are clean). 

Other Important Considerations When Changing the Leather Lingerie Straps

Now that you have an idea of how to change your straps, it is important to note a few things for this process, including: 

  • Sewing in place the straps means you can’t change or remove them without damage
  • You want to change your leather lingerie straps at least once every few months, particularly if they are durable, like genuine suede or leather straps. 

Final Word

Changing your leather lingerie straps is a simple yet effective way to ensure a better fit and comfort. Moreover, it is a remarkable way of showing off your sexy corset dress or bra, especially if it’s a matching set.

As I have outlined, there are various ways to change your lingerie straps and steps to follow. I hope that with these few steps, you can now easily and quickly get to work and enjoy your leather lingerie piece in no time. 

Good Luck!