Five Key Tips for Choosing the Best Men’s Underwear 

Underwear is among the most personal and private decisions you will have to make. Even though only a few people might see it this way, you wear it daily, or at least most of the time. For this reason, comfort should be the priority when choosing men’s underwear, and so should get the correct underwear according to the occasion. 

And while many men like one type of underwear, it would be best to choose a design best suited for your everyday activities. 

So, when it comes to picking men’s underwear, there is a wide range of options to choose from, thus making it that much harder to find the most suitable option. Besides, it’s not like you can move from one shop to the other, testing the different styles they have to offer. Fortunately, we did all the heavy lifting and gathered five key tips for choosing the best men’s underwear. 

Here they are:

Prioritize Comfort 

Comfortable innerwear is vital for men to have maximum support and comfort. When choosing underwear, it is important to give precedence to quality to hinder irritation and chafing. 

Quality men’s underwear will also deliver the much-needed movement freedom and flexibility that men require all through the day. Additionally, it would be essential to check for fitting. This can boost self-esteem and confidence by guaranteeing secure and comfy wear. 

Something else to keep in mind is to check for underwear with breathable materials. This is because they play an important role in upholding freshness and avoiding bad odors. Underwear is made using breathable materials like cotton or moisture-absorbing materials to prevent odors and keep them free and dry. 

Plus, men have a broad scope of options regarding style and color, from classic to bold patterns; there is something for everyone! 

Overall, the vitality of wearing comfy men’s underwear is significant and prevalent. It boosts support and comfort and also hinders chafing. Moreover, it makes them feel confident and keeps them fresh and dry all day long. 

Men can pick from a plethora of options, including different designs and colors, to find the most suitable underwear that meets their needs and style. 

Consider Style

This mostly covers the different types of underwear available for men. There are quite a handful of men’s underwear types, but the most common ones are:


These are among the most common types of men’s underwear. Generally, they are loose-fitting and offer less support than all; types of men’s underwear. Because boxers aren’t that fitting, air can circulate effortlessly. Hence, they are the most breathable option on the market. 

Some boxers are even buggy, though the newer designs have a slim fit. What’s more, boxers feature an open fly, perfect for smooth access & exit. For these reasons, boxers are perfect nightwear underwear. 


The other type of men’s underwear is the briefs. They have been around for a long time, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if every guy owned at least a pair. Briefs are most suitable for a broad-bodied man and are great for playing sports.

What’s more, these types of men’s underwear are not designed for wearing under trousers and other similar formal clothing, since they only cover the necessary area while the thighs are left uncovered. For optimal comfort, men ought to match their briefs with the trousers they intend to wear. 


These are mostly worn by athletes; so, they have a unique design but look slightly complicated. Nonetheless, they offer the necessary support to the relevant body parts. These men’s underwear feature three straps that link up; two on the rear and one through the waist. 

They are perfect for men who do intense workouts and risky sports. Besides, they give room for including extra padding for protection. 


The other type of men’s underwear is trunks. These are a hybrid of briefs and boxers. They are easily recognizable due to their short legs and square shape. Again, they are an excellent match for slim-bodied men and are perfect for formal and casual wear. 

Trunks snugly fit on the hip and are positioned somewhat lower than other underwear types. 

Check the Type of Fabric 

Fabric dictates comfort. Some materials are breathable, and others not so much. So, depending on your needs, preference, and occasion you can choose between the handful of materials used to make men’s underwear. 

Numerous underwear brands utilize jersey and cotton because these fabric types cover the three sections. Here is a list of some of the most common fabrics:


This one is among the most common materials for making underwear. This is a great fabric for making underwear since it delivers both comfort and breathability. Moreover, it is soft and hypoallergic, therefore an excellent option for all men. 


Jersey is another lightweight and soft material, ideal for men on the move. Some men like underwear made of elastic material, as it offers impressive support. 


Mesh is light and breathable, making it the ideal fabric for men working out or participating in sports. Some brands make their underwear using heat-sensitive materials, which is expedient in distributing body heat. This helps relax the body. 

Lyocell Jersey 

This fancy fabric is produced using a nanofiber, which helps absorb moisture, keep the area dry, and also deliver incredible smoothness. 


Silk is quite an incredible fabric and is an excellent choice for men’s underwear. While it is not as common as it was before, it is a good option since it offers lightness and breathability. 

Check the Seams & Waistband 

Something else to check when looking for men’s underwear is the waistband. It ought to comfortably sit on the waist without being too tight or loose. It would be best to go for wide waistbands that evenly disperse pressure. 

Moreover, check the seams; flatlock options are best if you want to avoid irritation, precisely if you intend to wear them for a long time. 

Assess Quality & Durability 

While you will have to buy new underwear after some time, it would be best to invest in quality. This mostly touches on fabric. Top-quality fabric and construction guarantee longevity, upholding support and shape even after washing it several times. 

This is something you can verify by going through customer reviews about specific underwear and brands. 


So, what are the five key tips for choosing the best men’s underwear?

  • Prioritizing comfort.
  • Checking the type of underwear. 
  • Considering the type of fabric.
  • Checking for durability and quality.
  • Assessing the waistband and seams.

These simple tips are all you will need as you go on the hunt for the right men’s underwear.

Happy shopping!