Proper Care for Your Underwear: 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Sexy Lingerie Looking Newer for Longer

Proper Care for Your Underwear: 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Sexy Lingerie Looking Newer for Longer

While we all try to make a good impression on our friends, family, workmates, and random strangers we meet every day with the clothes that we wear, few of us will deny the fact that the clothes we wear away from sight are just as, if not more, important to us. The sexy lingerie and underwear we wear, whether it’s for our comfort or the shared pleasure of our partners, can be a valuable investment in our daily lives and so should be conserved and maintained as much as possible.

The problem for most of us arises from the fact that lingerie comes in various types, forms, and materials, with some of them being particularly delicate and difficult to handle. Add to this fact that some pieces can be quite costly compared to others, and we have a recipe for household frustration.

To help you navigate your way toward the proper maintenance of your valuable lingerie, here’s a quick selection of tips and pointers to ensure you get the longest possible service from them.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Store Them in Their Original Shape

One of the most destructive habits we have when handling lingerie is storing them haphazardly. The best way to maximize the lifespan of our sexy lingerie is by storing them in such a way that they are not wrinkled or deformed any more than is necessary.

For leather bras, this means either storing them with the cups lying next to each other or on top of one another. Ensure that you never deform the cups to make them fit your drawers or travel bags. 

2. Do Not Iron Your Lingerie

No matter what type of fibers or materials your lingerie items are made of, keep them away from your iron at all times. Even when they seem slightly wrinkled, this will likely be the result of their delicate materials, which are in greater danger of being damaged by excessive heat than stronger materials.

3. Keep Lingerie Out of the Dryer

The elastic components of your lingerie are completely averse to strong heat, which is why you should always air-dry them. Dryer heat will break down these elastic bands, making the pieces sag and droop much faster. Push-up and underwired bras are especially sensitive to this type of heat, so make sure that you dry them by placing them on a flat surface while they are in their correct original shape. 

4. Avoid Using Fabric Softener or Rinsing Agents

Lycra fabrics and elastane are sensitive to discoloration from the residue of rinsing agents. This residue may cause bacteria that lead to smelly odors or cause discoloration.

5 Pick The Right Detergent

Because of its delicate nature, most lingerie items will require delicate care and treatment. The most common mistake people make when handling lingerie is the use of overly strong detergent and cleaning products. 

The wrong choice of fabric may make these pieces prone to fraying, roughening, or losing their aesthetic appeal. Take care to follow the detergent measurement and care instructions that come with each item since different pieces of lingerie will have different instructions. 

6. Avoid Excessive Heat or Light

The delicate materials many items of lingerie are made of are much more sensitive to the effects of bright sunlight and heat than regular clothes. In the same way that typical materials will lose their color and fade when left exposed to direct sunlight, lingerie should always be kept out of the direct sun and excessive heat so that it retains its true colors and aesthetic value.

7. Try and Wash Your Lingerie After Every 2 to 4 Wears

While you might want to keep your sexy lingerie looking new by keeping it away from the stresses of the wash cycle as much as possible, there’s another idea to this. Any stains or sweat that might find their way onto the lingerie material. It may lead to bacteria buildup, discoloration, and odors, which might accelerate the deterioration of the material even faster. 

The most efficient schedule here will be to wash your lingerie. At least once every 2 to 4 times you put them on.

8. Set Your Machine on a Delicate Cycle if Using the Washing Machine is a Must

The best course of action when washing lingerie by hand is to use cold water. At least keep it below 30 degrees (especially if you must use a washing machine). The best approach to use when machines are involved comes in three parts. The first part will be to keep the temperatures within acceptable ranges.

The second will be to use a very mild cycle setting that will not damage delicate materials. The third will be to use a mesh delicates bag that will protect all your delicate materials.

9. Keep in Mind that Handmade Lingerie Needs to be hand-washed

Handmade and particularly delicate lingerie should always be hand-washed. These include panties, thongs, underwire bras, pantyhose, satin teddies, and so on. This will be especially important if you’re trying to get rid of any particular stains that you might spot on these items. The best way to tackle lingerie stains is not to blast them in a washing machine with extra detergent but to pre-treat them with the appropriate substances before gently washing them. 

Lotions, blood, self-tanning solutions, and medicines are some common stains on lingerie. Use a gentle detergent applied to the stain’s locations. A soft brush or your own hands to rub the stain area before you put them through the wash. As you normally would if they didn’t have the stain. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re dealing with sheer bras, lacy bras, panties, teddies, pantyhose, sports bras, underwire bras, padded bras, embellished bras, gel-padded bras, or whichever other kind of sexy lingerie out there, you need to understand the best way to take of them. This is the only way to ensure that they give you the most comfort and usefulness. For the longest time possible. 

The tips and pointers we’ve outlined here are useful guidelines. But you need to pay close attention to the individual instructions. That comes with each sexy lingerie item, especially the more expensive and delicate ones. Whatever the situation, with proper care and attention, your lingerie can provide you with many years of service and satisfaction.