Top 7 Menswear Lingerie Ideas And Designs For Men

Menswear Lingerie Ideas

Lingerie was a sassy word not so long ago, primarily synonymous with famous fashion models, actresses, and trendy ladies. But oh, how the tide has shifted! Find the top 7 menswear lingerie ideas and designs for men.

Ideally, on the mention of the term lingerie, a lot goes through our heads, and until recently, all that came to mind was women’s fashion. The lingerie industry has undergone some remarkable developments and is now an all-inclusive industry catering to the needs of both women and men. 

Now, when you hear about a sexy satin piece or sensual lace underwear, you can happily browse through the internet and have the confidence to browse through the men’s section with the guarantee you’ll find something you like. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the type of menswear lingerie available in the market, the common factor is the men’s love for fashion. From boxers to briefs, many lingerie options are available for men looking to spice up their style. If you are in the market for a pair of sexy lingerie but don’t know where to start, there’s no need to worry. 

In this post, I have researched and identified the top seven menswear lingerie ideas and designs for men, ranging from simple, accessible pieces to the all-out classic stuff, each of them sharing the common objective of making both you and your partner’s overall experience sexier and spicier!

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

What are the 7 Best Lingerie Ideas and Designs for Men? 

French Terry (Savage X Fenty) Robe

Rihanna does everything perfectly—at least, that’s what I have learned from her newly released Terry French Robe! This robe is a fantastic addition to the menswear lingerie option as you now have a cozy companion to slip into after a satisfying action or one you can put on beforehand and sexily drop to reveal everything lying beneath melodramatically! 

Tom Ford Stretch-Silk (Velvet-Trimmed) Boxer Shorts

You can never go wrong with a Tom Ford piece, and these velvet-trimmed boxer shorts are a perfect lingerie option. The market has numerous lingerie designs, but it’s hard to think of one that tramps this pair of luxurious silk satin boxers. Designed using velvet trim around its waistband, this is the kind of lingerie piece you keep around for special events. Better yet, its design and cheetah print pattern render them a totally badass option! 

Versace Low-Rise Jockstrap

Give your lady the view she deserves with the low-rise Versace Jockstrap—and yes, I said jockstrap. Many of us may not really recall the last we donned this, but whatever the case, the one I am highlighting is nothing like the one we wore in gym class—it’s a Versace!!! Unlike the standard jockstrap that was a must-have in gym classes back in the day, this Versace piece has no functional purpose.

Ideally, this low-rise Versace jockstrap is a fancy undergarment that ranks high among men’s top lingerie designs and ideas. The best thing about this piece is that it will keep your behind intact without complete exposure, which is exactly what the ladies want. 

Fleur de Mal Boxers

Next on the list of lingerie designs and ideas for menswear is the Fleur de Mal silk boxers. I particularly love these silk boxers since they are unisex, meaning me and my partner can wear them—after all, is there anything more romantic than sharing undies? 

This brand is synonymous with fancy women’s lingerie (and you’ve perhaps bought a pair or two for the lady you cherish), but due to the remarkable changes in the fashion industry, they now cater to the male fraternity as outlined by their fancy unisex washable boxers. These silk boxers are soft and washable, adding to the aspect of ease of use and cleanliness. 

Maison Close Bande à Part Boxers

Get a little risqué as you explore your ideal fashion style courtesy of these Maison Close Boxers. With this classic, soft, and sexy pair of boxers, you now have a classic piece comprising clean graphic lines and a decent sheerness to ensure you are comfortable wearing them, notwithstanding your reservations. 

Ideally, these are the perfect fit if you aren’t entirely satisfied with baring it all but have no problem showing off some skin. They feature solid black lines that offer some coverage. Better yet, they feature a perfect lingerie design that ensures your woman delights in the subtle sneak peek while helping you feel at ease knowing you are not straight out wearing a thong. 

 Sheer Mesh Trousers (Amir Slama)

Men’s lingerie is gaining traction in the fashion industry, and you’ll be impressed by the sheer number of products available. One of the hottest menswear lingerie ideas and options is the sexy mesh trousers by Amir Slama.

If I would be honest with you, it would be a waste if you only had to wear these classic sheer silk mesh trousers within your bedroom confines. Next time you are looking for summer lingerie, then just slip into these light trousers over your cool swim trunks, or better yet, have them while lounging or at the poolside on hot days. 

Mesh Crop Top

Do men wear crop tops, you ask? Yes, take it from me: crop tops are among the sexiest menswear lingerie ideas and designs, and men should actively embrace them. Next time someone asks you for a perfect gift, a mesh crop top should be top on that list, and here’s why. Not only are these trendy pieces a sight to behold, they are comfortable and sassy.

I recommend pairing your pair of tank tops with some jockstraps to give you a classic collegiate appeal. 

Final Word

The top menswear lingerie designs and ideas for men are those that not only suit your style but also enhance your personality. We all want to look and feel comfortable and handsome, not to mention confident in our skin, and what better way to do it than by investing in the best lingerie? Finding the perfect menswear lingerie to suit your needs is a challenge, a factor that has inspired this post. 

Having searched an extensive collection of trendy products and brands, I hope this list of seven menswear lingerie ideas and designs has what you are looking for. Whether it’s a sensual crop top, a traditional boxer, or a brief, this list has covered every cool menswear lingerie idea and design to help you feel confident and handsome and impress your lady with some cool lingerie. 

Happy Shopping!