Shop the Top Ten Women Lingerie Brands for 2023

Top Ten Women Lingerie Brands

As women, we always want to feel and look as beautiful and as sexy as possible all the time. Unfortunately, many women forget to pay attention to a crucial part of their beauty and sex appeal: women’s sexy lingerie. Feel confident in Sexy lingerie with the top ten women’s lingerie brands of 2023. , from lace corsets to microfiber camisole sets.

Whenever I’m wearing sexy lingerie, whether at home or when going out, I always feel like a goddess. My go-to lazy Sunday wear is often a flowery microfiber camisole top and short set, while I like to rock a red or black lace corset paired with a lace garter for special occasions. If you wish to unlock your “sexy magic” like me, here are the top ten women’s lingerie brands that you should consider buying in 2023.

The Most Outstandingly Timeless Lingerie Brand – Intimissimi

top ten women lingerie brands - Intimissimi

Intimissi was my first lingerie brand. Being new to lingerie, I wasn’t ready to begin my sexy underwear journey with bold designs. For me, the most desirable characteristic of this lingerie brand is its high-quality simplicity that can meet every woman’s daily needs. 

Based in Venota, Italy, Intimissimi has been helping women unlock their sexiness by offering the finest lingerie for over 30 years. Its classic silk bodysuits, tulle babydoll slips, and lace bustiers embody top-notch Italian craftsmanship. Prices for Intimissimi lingerie start from $15 to $180, and sizes from XS to 3XL. 

The Most Functional Lingerie Brand – HoneyLove

Lingerie Brand - HoneyLove

HoneyLove is based in Los Angeles and prides itself on offering appealing, comfortable lingerie for women of all sizes. Their women’s lingerie catalog ranges from slimming shapewear to lace crossover bra-panty sets and versatile slips. Prices for HoneyLove lingerie range from $34 to $189, and sizes from XS to 3X.

I adore the brand’s shapewear lingerie for its superb comfortability. They don’t overly compress my chest or stomach; thus, I can easily sit down and take deep breaths.

The Most Avante-Garde Lingerie Brand – Fleur Du Mal

Lingerie Brand - Fleur Du Mal

Whenever I want to feel luxurious and sophisticated, I always go for Fleur Du Mal Lingeries – a luxury women’s lingerie brand based in New York. 

It was launched in 2012 by Jennifer Zucharrini after being inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s poems collection. Most of Fleur Du Mal’s offerings bear an undeniably French high-fashion motif highlighted with bespoke embroideries created by globally -renowned artisans. Prices start from $15 to $695, with sizes ranging from XS to L.

The Most Ostentatious Lingerie Brand – Anya Lust

Lingerie Brand - Anya Lust

This New York-based luxury lingerie brand was launched in 2015 by Krystle Kotara to make superb lingerie inspired by romance and sensuality. Their most popular offerings include classic lingerie and bondage-style lingerie.

Anya Lust lingerie is priced from $100 to $600, with sizes varying from 0 to 16. Whenever I want to splurge and reward myself with some pièces de résistance lingerie, I always go for Anya Lust.

The Most Ornamenting Lingerie Brand – Skims

Lingerie Brand - Skims

I like having star power, whereby when I enter a room, people turn their heads to look at me and say to each other – that woman must be a star. For this reason, I wear flattering Skims lingerie pretty frequently because they seem to have some ability to lend me and many other women some star power. 

Skims is a viral fashion brand created by Kim Kardashian. Its lingerie is priced from $58 to $88, with sizing starting at XXS to 4XL. Whenever I wear Skims lingerie, I always find myself just as stunning inside the bedroom as outside the bedroom, including weddings. 

The Most Erotic Lingerie Brand – Agent Provocateur

Erotic Lingerie Brand - Agent Provocateur

Do you want to create impossible-to-forget erotic experiences through femme fatale glamour? Agent Provocateur has always stood out for me as the creme de la creme of NSFW lingerie. The brand’s offerings combine tantalizing floral embroidery with lusciously dainty laces to evoke a “bite me” vibe whenever worn.

It isn’t shy to push the bounds of attraction, eroticism, and lust with its women’s lingerie. Agent Provocateur lingerie prices range from $40 to $4,930, and sizes range from 2 to 14.

The Most Adorable Basics Lingerie Brand – Lively

Basics Lingerie Brand - Lively

Whenever I want lingerie that I can wear any time without thinking much about the occasion, I always go for Lively lingerie. Its offerings stand you for getting the basics of a good-looking, comfortable lingerie right without being boring.

Lively lingerie mostly features classic styles with subtle sex appeal. This lingerie brand was established in 2016 by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former Victoria’s Secret director and senior merchant. Prices start from $10 to $100, with sizes going from XS to 3XL. 

The Most Beloved Lingerie Brand – Avidlove

Lingerie Brand - Avidlove

Avidlove lingerie is a darling for many women mostly because their color combinations look stunning, with the manufacturing and finishing sublime. I have never had Avidlove lingerie with loose strings or any other visible imperfections, a fete that even some luxury women’s lingerie brands struggle to uphold. 

Prices range from $16 to $45 (among the most affordable lingerie brands on this list), and sizes start from XS to 3X. Therefore, it’s no surprise that  Avidlove is the top-selling lingerie brand on Amazon, with more than 5000 5-star reviews. 

The Most Distinguished Lingerie Brand – La Perla

Lingerie Brand - La Perla

La Perla is the epitome of Italian design luxury lingerie. It sets itself apart from other mass-produced lingerie brands as its offerings are hand-crafted, leveraging the enduring tradition of Bolognese corsetry.

Every time I wear a La Perla lingerie, I can’t help but imagine its designer’s craftsmanship. IT must have taken them decades to be able to design such an intricate fabric by hand. La Perla’s catalog comprises all kinds of lingerie, from bodysuits to garnets and corsets. Prices start at $54 to $1070, with sizes ranging from XXS to 2XL. 

The Most Minimalist Lingerie Brand – Bluebella

Minimalist Lingerie Brand - Bluebella

Unlike most other lingerie brands, which often prefer offering flattering designs. Bluebella has been pushing the understated minimalist look in its designs. From its leather to lacy lingerie designs, its offerings have just enough flare to be attractive without overdoing it.

I have always loved Bluebella lingerie for its understated looks, as it perfectly embodies the dominatrix lifestyle. Its lingeries are confidence-inspiring, pushing you to unleash your deepest desires. Prices begin at $30 to $65, with sizes ranging from XXS to 2X.