Do Men Wearing Thongs And G-Strings Annoy Women?

Thong And G-String

What comes to mind when you see a man adorning a lacy Thong and G-string? Depending on your perception, this could either be the most repulsive or interesting thing you’ve encountered. 

Like all other things, gender plays an integral role in the type of Women lingerie we wear. For a while now, thongs have primarily been a women’s attire. We can all agree that things are trendy and sexy, and only some fashion-forward and trendy individuals openly wear them on the beaches. Nonetheless, since we live in a time where the liberty of expression is highly encouraged, it is not uncommon to see men openly wearing thongs. 

Now, the problem is not men wearing thongs openly. The primary question is: Do women like seeing a man in a thong? Or, rather, do men wearing thongs and G-strings annoy women? You might be surprised at the reaction of many women. Therefore, stick around as I discuss the general perception of women on men wearing thongs. 

Thongs and G-strings: What are they? 

The simplest definition of thongs and G-strings is an exclusive underwear type, or bikini bottom, usually comprising a relatively narrow back. Generally, a thong’s front resembles a bikini bottom, designed to conceal the genitals appropriately, with the back nearly bare, only featuring a thread. 

Traditional women’s thongs are called G-strings; their backs usually comprise elastic strings. 

Like other attires, thongs, and G-strings are available in various styles depending on the material, rear type, thickness, or fabric material type of its rear. Thongs apply to both genders across the world. 

Surprisingly, this ‘contentious’ attire dates back to the early history of man. It is perhaps one of the earliest clothing options, generally a type of loincloth commonly worn by men, especially in warmer regions like Africa and Asia.

With time, thongs grew in popularity, especially among women, and have become a fashion trend across the globe. Alternatively, for men, these attires were solely limited to male strippers, bodybuilders posing, male strippers, and bodybuilders posing. However, the trend has significantly shifted, with women and men comfortably wearing things without limitations. In fact, men can now wear them as swimsuits or even underwear. 

Reasons for men wearing thongs and G-strings 

If seeing men in thongs and G-strings is a new experience for you, you may feel confused, particularly if your surroundings are not accustomed to such. Fortunately, you are allowed to let your imagination go wild. However, there are several reasons why men wear thongs: 

Comfort Purposes:

Perhaps the most common reason for men to wear a thing is pure comfort. While it is common to see women wearing things as fashion statements, it goes beyond this for men. The latest finding, as posted on, outlines that it is easy for men to quickly familiarize themselves with the firm hugging of the thong’s typical triangular shape on their genitals, and it gets even better since you needn’t worry about a wedgie. Men can wear thongs throughout the day without necessarily feeling uncomfortable or chaffed, a major plus when it comes to men’s clothing


Maintaining genital hygiene is essential; wearing a thong does that! With this undergarment, you significantly reduce the risk of bacteria getting trapped around your genitals, a factor that leads to foul odor formation and possible cases of infection. Also, less fabric around this area leads to less washing time and stains. 

For package support:

Despite looking somewhat tiny, don’t get it twisted. Men thong’s now come in multiple designs to offer amazing support for a male’s anatomy. A thong’s front is designed to package the male anatomy superbly, especially due to its elastically sturdy waistband. 

Flex your toned physique:

Unlike men, women are generally comfortable, and with recent trends, so are men! After working on your body, it is not uncommon for men to want to flaunt their toned physique, and a thong is a sure way to do this. Furthermore, it is a comfortable way to exhibit your perfect body while enjoying admirers’ awe. 

The genitals remain dry and fresh:

Men generally take good care of their genitals by always keeping this ‘sacred place’ dry and fresh. With a good thing, you can enjoy this comfort level. Wearing things ensures you don’t worry about getting sweaty around the genitals. Things allow for a free and breezy feel while offering firm genital support.  

Enhance foreplay:

You can enjoy sex in some ways, and wearing a thong is now among the most popular ways. In fact, foreplay gets better with sexy attire, and wearing a sexy thong is a proven way to set the mood for men and women alike. Since sexy attire allows for near bare body coverage, men wearing things can set women on fire and drive their imaginations wild. In fact, you don’t need a professional stripper to spice your woman’s mood, as wearing a thing will surely get you there! 

Do Women Like Seeing a Man in a Thong And G-String?

One of my closest friends narrated how she reacted when she found out she was sharing her thongs and G-strings with her younger brother for a while. According to her, she felt angry, shocked, and even pissed. In her mind, many thoughts raced through her mind, thinking that her brother was gay. 

Just like her, many women often feel that thongs and G-strings are solely designed for them. Some even feel that a man wearing a thong is either a homosexual or gay. Nonetheless, this is a common sentiment for women residing in conservative settings where such is uncommon and somewhat weird. 

Nonetheless, the case is slightly different for the more liberated setting, like in America and Europe, where the sight of a man in a pair of thongs and G-strings is normal. In fact, this is a sexy and attractive trend. 

There are numerous published accounts of women finding a guy sexier when in thongs. When you browse through various social forums like Quora, many women are comfortable and encourage men to wear thongs. For them, men wearing thongs is a sign of confidence, a trait that ranks among the top qualities women look for in a man. 

Nonetheless, men gaining acceptability, especially among ladies, is subject to several factors, including: 

Clean Shave:

Can you imagine a man with a hairy pubic region in a thong? Not only is it irritating, but it is also a turn-off. Besides women, men look sexier and more attractive when they clean and groom well down there. 

Physical Fitness:

While you don’t need to be a bodybuilder or have a six-pack, it wouldn’t be an appealing sight to see beer bellies hanging over a thong, would it? 

Cover the load ‘appropriately’:

unless under few circumstances, women find it irritating when men show off their naked genitals. This is usually common with gay men who want to attract their fellow counterparts, but it is simply a NO for the straight lot! Rather than finding you attractive, many women will generally look away in disgust. 

Final Word

The bottom line is that women generally do not have a problem with men wearing thongs and G-strings. However, those thongs must fit perfectly into the men’s bodies. Make sure you are clean-shaven down there, and work on your body if it is unfit.