5 Best Plus Size Lingerie Brands To Explore 2023

Plus Size Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is undeniably the ultimate foundational attire in any fashion-savvy closet. Ideally, it represents the first item you wear under all other pieces and is an attire that stays on you and moves with you always. This makes it essential to find the best lingerie brand in 2023. 

However, lingerie shopping usually leaves us somewhat stressed and overwhelmed. There is significant pressure around the type of lingerie I purchase, who I am buying it for, the colors, designs, and most importantly, how much I want to spend. Besides this, it gets even more challenging to get comfortable, superbly-fitting plus-size lingerie, particularly since several old-school lingerie brands still don’t offer a wide range of lingerie sizes. 

Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry; we’ve got you covered. There’s now an array of brands that offer quality plus-size lingerie brands worthy of exploration in 2023. 

Why Should You Choose the Best Plus-Size Lingerie Brands In 2023?

The best plus size lingerie brands in 2023 consider the fashion possibilities and performance of their undergarments, producing lingerie pieces that are comfortable and superbly fitting. This way, the market is now packed with comfortable briefs and bras designed to fit women’s bodies while maintaining the aesthetic relevance of the modern fashion trends (ciao lace and uncomfortable frills). 

With the best plus size lingerie brands, I now have confidence shopping for lingerie. Ideally, besides these cool brands making options to support fuller curves and busts, they aren’t some old-fashioned styles. There’s something about a sexy lingerie outfit that makes us feel a little more in touch with our girly selves, even when I put on a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. Luckily, it’s also a little luxury I can enjoy every day—even from my apartment—and it needn’t be costly, either. 

All things said, if you are here to find the best places to get yourself a sexy, comfy plus-size lingerie piece, then you’re at the right place. This post outlines the top five best plus-size lingerie brands to bookmark and explore in 2023, as well as some other notable mentions to consider. 

Let’s get started. 

Trendy Plus Size Lingerie Brand: Savage x Fenty

Rihanna is a household name for many things, including her music and trendy pop culture, and in 2023, she’s the trendiest fashion icon, and here’s why. As a big fan, I find that Rihanna does everything to excellence—including her Savage x Fenty lingerie brand that now produces a stylish lace bra ideal for ladies with big busts. 

This stunning lace bra features thick straps purposed to offer a superb lift while also matching the front design. What’s more, there’s a whole array of colors to choose from, including sweet pink and bright green. 

Affordable Plus-size Lingerie Brand: Teddy 

If you want to spruce up your lingerie set, getting a teddy is the ideal fashion investment. This uniquely designed plus-size lingerie exudes significant sex appeal. It is carefully designed with laces to show off your curvaceous body, making you appear and feel like a runway model. What’s more, with this low-plunges affordable price, it’s worth every penny! 


The EveFancy black lace matching lingerie set has every spark, support, and quality at quite an affordable price tag. It features a sexy and super flattery cut, and although it may come off as an easy-to-pull-on piece. It is well-designed to hold your bust firmly in place. Furthermore, the EveFancy set comes with an unmistakable strappy design that will effectively give you a sensual yet trendy feel. 

Cuup Lingerie Brand

Every woman’s dream is to find a comfortable, fashionable, and affordably priced bra. The Cuup brand is the best way to make your wish come true. The brand amazingly understands every aspect of modern lingerie, from high quality and comfortability to affordability, among other vital fashion aspects. 

Cuup emphasizes top-grade quality, an assortment of lingerie that fits all sizes and shapes, not to mention trendy, comfy styles. Finally, Cuup’s are seamless for briefs and comfort extending to the extra-large section. Its colors are sleek, and with its bundle packs, they offer remarkable value. 

The La Perla: Brand For Special Occasions

The La Perla is the ultimate option for special occasions. With exquisite fabric, designs, and fits, this is the best plus-size lingerie brand for lace and exquisite silk lingerie. This brand was pioneered in Italy in the 50s, and all their pieces are designed in Bologna by a superb team of individuals. It applies signature techniques and traditional skills passed down through several generals.

I like this company for its diversity in lingerie piece production, with pieces ranging from panties, bras, camiestte, and slips designed with scrupulous details and outstanding corsetry. One concern I might highlight is that the brand’s pieces are rather expensive. It isn’t what special occasions are usually for. The La Perla is your best fit if you want classic lingerie for your special events. 

Worthy Mentions

Curvy Couture

Our exploration into the best plus-size lingerie brands will not be complete if I don’t mention the Curvy Couture brand! This is by far one of the most prominent brands known for its mastery of sexy, supportive, and ultra-comfy bras. Despite being an exclusive piece that I don’t mind showing off, I have found myself going for their Balconette bra every day. It’s literally that great! 


If you are looking for a superb bra to support larger busts, look no further than the Elomi Convertible Bra. I have found it to be an ideal fit that firmly supports my ‘girls,’ but there’s a catch—this bra doesn’t exude a matronly appeal whatsoever. Isn’t this a key factor? Nonetheless, it also comes with a supplementary clip located at the back, allowing you to put it on with some racerback tops. This bra makes Elomi one of the best lingerie brands for plus-sized folks. 

Final Word

Ultimately, we hope that you now have a few top-brand options up your sleeve to consider when you go lingerie shopping. We have researched, tested, and used our collective experience to search through numerous lingerie brands and pieces. It establishes this comprehensive guide on the best plus-size lingerie brands. 

While some are specialties in seamless design or wireless options. The primary focus here was plus sizes, and these are the most notable ones. So, whether you want to revamp your current lingerie collection or want to suit a particular need, we’re confident this list has virtually all you need. 

Good Luck!